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For best results, our product should be installed when the outside temperature is at least 70°F and the gutter material is soft and pliable.

Use a small clean towel soaked with rubbing alcohol to clean the area where the material will be attached. Immediately wipe the alcohol-wet surface with a dry terry cloth towel before it dries. Replace dirty towels with clean ones as needed. Make sure all wax, dirt and polish have been removed.
Note: Cleaning is the most important step of your installation!

Select a starting point and cut the gutter at an appropriate angle. In order to prevent water running down your side windows, it is suggested to install the gutter on the window frame and come down all the way on each side for best adhesion. To stop leaks, install directly on RV and Marine body.

Peel back the 3M brand red liner while pressing the gutter in place. Once the gutter is in place, it should not be repositioned. Never touch the acrylic foam tape with your hands.

After placement of the desired length, cut again at an appropriate angle.

Return to the starting point and, with the end of a toothbrush handle, rub the gutter channel back and forth. This creates heat for firm adhesion.
Important: Make sure you have enough material. Never pull or stretch the gutter during application.

Tools Needed:

  • Rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl)
  • Anvil type pruning shears
  • Toothbrush handle
  • Utility knife
  • Clear silicon (use to fill small gaps)

When making guide lines use Artists Tape. Do not use chalk, pencil or pen.

Not recommended attaching to rubber-lined roofs, soft molding, or textured surfaces.