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Superior RV and Marine Gutters

Dirty streaking is caused by slow creeping moisture and overnight dew or drizzle mixed with the dirt, which runs down the sides where the sun bakes the dirt onto the surface.

The Original RV & Marine Gutters help to eliminate these ugly black streaks by channeling dirty water where you can easily wipe it off. It also seals leaks around your windows when installed correctly to a smooth, clean surface.

These thoroughly tested and proven gutters are saltwater friendly and will perform in extreme weather conditions, providing many years of service for your RV or boat. Because this is a Do-It-Yourself product, the applications are limitless, for example horse trailers, houseboats, etc. The Original RV & Marine Gutters make an excellent replacement for your faulty drip rails!

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RV Gutters and Marine Gutters

The Original RV & Marine Gutters are bonded to your RV or boat with premium 3M brand acrylic foam tape. This is the industry's leading adhesive and will not fall off when properly applied.


  • Channels dew, drizzle, and air conditioning runoff away from your RV sides and your windows, helping to eliminate unsightly streaks.
  • Continuous 7/8" with 1/2" gutter channel. UV protected flexible polyvinyl. Gutter material ideal for installing in one piece along the roofline or over windows.
  • This quality gutter is easy to install yourself or by your favorite RV service center. Absolutely no drilling is required!
  • Available in ultra-white, off-white, and black to match most RV colors. Formulated to prevent premature fading or discoloring.
  • Available in 10 ft. windshield lengths and 25 ft., 50 ft., and 100 ft. rolls.